The idea of Asterluxe began brewing while we were living as neighbors on the West End of Providence. We bonded on our shared stoop over commonalities like the adventure of being a maker, creating time for self care, and North Bakery's egg sandwiches. As we watched our neighborhood grow, we pondered what unique perspective we could bring to our our multicultural community. We gathered up all of our crystals and moonbeams and started to plot our gem of a shop.

We’ve assembled an amazing group of makers, many that have fallen into our lives through work travels.  Our collection is focused on living well through thoughtful design, materials and construction. We celebrate modern makers, wellness and caring for one’s inner and outer space.  



Erin Myles has a BFA in metalsmithing from UMASS Dartmouth. She began her career as a jewelry designer in the Rhode Island manufacturing industry in 2006. In 2013 she launched own her line, Wanderluxe, a craft jewelry and home goods collection for chic drifters and modern dreamers. Her collection can be found at Asterluxe and at select retailers.

Nicole Deponte started out as a fine artist exhibiting in Boston, Ma at the Judi Rotenberg gallery from 2003 - 2005. In 2008 she launched Lilian Asterfield, a couture accessory company featuring ascots and cravats created from repurposing silk neckties. Lilian Asterfield continues to exhibit throughout the US and can be found online and a select group of retailers.