Crafty Mamas: Part II

We had the opportunity to chat with Tine Debroux, owner/maker/magician for one of our favorite lines: Under Aurora.  Her story of motherhood as a catalyst for starting her own business and as the inspiration for her best selling coconut oil spray is so exciting to us as makers. It's interesting to hear how becoming a mama opened up new avenues on her creative path that might not have otherwise shown themselves. Read the rest of her story below....

Becoming a mother was a major turning point, not only in my personal life, but in my professional career as well. After having my daughter Sadie I decided to start working for myself, which allowed for flexibility in my schedule but opened up a new set of challenges, mainly finding time to do my work while being a full-time mama. When she was younger there was a lot of working during naptime or in the evening after bedtime, but now that she's in preschool there's a little more time to get things done. There's still a lot of answering emails and doing social media while waiting in the hall for her to get out of school but I try to make it a point to put the phone away when we're spending quality time at the park or on walks through the woods. Now that my daughter is five she's able to help out a lot around the studio, doing things like counting bottles for wholesale orders or handing me labels to apply. She says she wants to be my business partner when she gets old enough, which always makes me smile.
One of Under Aurora's most popular products, the Coconut Oil Spray, was a direct result of being a new mama. Coconut Oil had been recommended to me to use as a cloth diaper-safe alternative to over-the-counter diaper rash creams. I found it difficult to use when it solidified during the winter so I began using a liquified (fractionated) version which could be sprayed from a bottle, and added a bunch of soothing and healing plant botanicals. It worked so well that I started using it on my own skin and then started giving it out to friends. After it completely cleared up a friend's eczema I decided to start selling it as an all-purpose body and hair oil.

Thanks for sharing your story, Tina!  We appreciate you and all of the other mamas out there...


Erin + Nicole