Practicing Mindfulness

 If you're feeling overwhelmed, with a million tasks and thoughts, you probably feel like a time out for meditation is one of the last things you have time for.  The truth is, it's one of the best things you can do to care and prep yourself to better handle life's crazy curveballs. We've discovered the power of mindfulness practice in our day and just 10 minutes can be the tweak you need. Below we share some of our favorite apps and posts for making it easy to carve out a few minutes for yourself.


Headspace- gentle explorations on how to improve mindfulness

Stop, Breathe and Think- guided meditations personalized to you and your current emotions


Zen Habits: Stepping out of old habits and into deeper mindfulness

Becoming Minimalist: A guide to recognizing more moments that matter

So, give it a shot! You might be surprised :) If you have any great meditation links you'd like to share please post them in the comments below.


Erin & Nicole