The Practice of Making

When we started mulling over the idea of Asterluxe, we were on the verge - that electric space, full of new ideas and conversations but tentative to dive in. Some of these ideas were big, scary and too wonderful to do alone. When the universe carves a path, it’s a good idea to follow.

Boy, are we are glad we did!

Something that pulled Erin and I together from the start was our yearning for balance in our daily practice. Our foundation was great. We both listen to our bodies and take time when we need to power down. We know and feel the importance of daily rituals that get us jazzed for the day. Not all of it is pretty, and the roots of some of our unhealthy practices can lead to some exciting new healthy ones. I find that the search for my best self has lead me to an amazing tribe of creatives, knowledge and self awareness. Our world is way more colorful when we are being good to ourselves and others.

The practice of making does not just mean tangible goods.

How can we help one another fine tune our daily ritual? Could it be a few easy shifts to our mind, body, and spirit? Let’s infuse our warrior in each moment with presence and positivity. Let’s be our best selves and learn from one another. We are setting a place for you at our table of inspiration, learning, curiosity, and adventure ALL here at Asterluxe in little Rhody.

Three rituals that make Nicole’s day start off on the right foot:

"I know this one may be a no brainer, but I find it very easy to “talk myself out” of my practice when feeling busy and/or stressed, even knowing it is the best medicine for it… "

I have to stretch in the morning. At 38, my body is not the machine it used to be and hand sewing for a living causes aches and stiffness that affect my mind as much as my mobility. Starting the day already in a funk gets me nowhere fast. A good 20 minutes of light yoga/stretching/breathing sets the pace for a productive day."

"My instant positive go to is peppermint oil - a drop behind both ears before I leave the house sets the stage for a productive morning. "

"My morning cup of coffee had an unhealthy relationship with cigarettes. In order to break up with smoking,  I had to quit coffee 8 years ago. It took me about 5 years to sustain the healthy practice of NOT smoking. Addiction is hard and you have to really want it to make the decisions needed to find your healthy space. Respecting your temple, the people who love you, and the millions of folks waiting to cross your path is number one. Now I enjoy a cup of smooth black tea in the morning."

Three rituals that make Erin’s day start off on the right foot:

"I start the day off with 30 minutes of yoga and a smoothie.  Carving out an hour in the morning for this little ritual makes me feel cared for and grounded. I like to jam pack it with nutrients because chances are I’ll be too busy to eat anything super nutritious for the rest of the day. I also really enjoy french fries. And white bread. You get the picture."

"I love my skin care regimen in the AM and PM.  I use an activated charcoal soap, rosewater and lavender face oil.  Again, it’s finding a moment to care for yourself.  The aromatherapy benefits of lavender are calming and grounding. Plus, lavender is great if your skin tends to get flushed or red like mine."

"Music and podcasts set the tone for my day in the AM and throughout. Depending on my mood or what I’m trying to accomplish I’ll play an album or playlist to help me power through.  The Get Down Soundtrack has been great for motoring through tasks at the shop. I also really enjoy podcasts like “Why We Have Things” and “Being Boss” for days when I need some extra biz motivation."

Do you have a ritual or practice in your day that brings you joy? Please share below!